About me :

I, Farzad Salimi Jazi (فرزاد سلیمی جزی), have graduated with a BSc degree from  Isfahan University of Technology, Iran in 2012.  I have worked at Oncam inc. United states. We were the winners of the Memocode2013 contest design. I have a Dream and because of that I am really fascinated to be involved in Tagging Systems, CrowdSourcing on one hand and Recommender systems, resource allocation and matchMakers on the other hand. I have a goal and I am going to make it.


Educations :

B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, 2012


    GPA: 17.10 / 20
  • Last Two Years GPA: 18.15 / 20

Diploma in Mathematics and Physics,Isfahan university of technology high school ,2008

  • Cumulative GPA: 19.37/ 20

Research Interests :

Fascinated by:

Social Network

Taging systems 


Recomender Systems


Resource Allocation 

Data intensive computing/Big data

Past experience:

High Performance /High Throughput Computing

Distributed file systems

Parallel Programming

Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

Grid and Cloud computing